Robert Whitaker and Catwalk IV dominated the Rives Grand Prix of the Sunshine Tour 2017.

Robert Whitaker and Tim Wilks got one-two for Great Britain. Participation of Pedro Veniss, Karina Johannpeter and Dayro Arroyave. (Photo © Moises Basallote)


Britain’s Robert Whitaker dominated the Rives Grand Prix of the XXIII Sunshine Tour 2017, completing his jump-off in 45.22 seconds with 14-year-old gelding Catwalk IV (Colman x Corleone).

After starting the regular round with 46 pairs, only 7 returned for the tiebreaker and Robert would take a prize of 16,275 Euros plus 80 World Ranking points, in a Grand Prix that distributed 65,100 Euros. The British stood out in the competition with a one-two in the final result where Tim Wilks took second place with 13-year-old gelding Quelbora Merze in 45.62 seconds, while distant in the third Ivan Serrano of Spain with the 11-year-old gelding Chaccman (Chacco-Blue x Kannan) in 53.17 seconds.

Completed the fourth and fifth place Ireland and Italy, with Richard Howley marking the best time of the jump-off in 44.68 seconds plus 4 fouls with Chinook (Togo x Wellington) and Luca Maria Moneta completing his course in 4 fouls and 46.18 seconds with Herold N (Heartbreaker x Haydn).

For the Latin Ranking it was close to adding points Pedro Veniss of Brazil in 17th place, knocking down a pole in 79.50 seconds with For Felasca (For Pleasure x Espri), while completing the group his fellow-woman Karina Johannpeter with 5 fouls in the 24th position with Casper 150 (Concetto I x Grannus) and Colombian Dayro Arroya with Uciano de La Botte (Luccianno x Arpege Pierreville) totaled 8 fouls in the 30th place.


Final Results