Roger Yves Bost led the €62,000 AEM Sport, Event & Media.

Frenchman Roger Yves Bost finished the Two Phases of CSI5* Lausanne in the first day, being escorted by Belgian Jerome Guery and Swiss Steve Guerdat. (Photo © Scoopdyga – Pierre Costabadie)


Frenchman Roger Yves Bost led the €62,000 AEM Sport, Event & Media in its two phases, to take the first day’s closing at CSI5* Lausanne.

Marking the pace of the class in 28.79 seconds, French Olympic medalist Roger Yves Bost accompanied by 11-year-old Sydney Une Prince (Baloubet du Rouet x Alfa d’Elle) owned by Monsieur Francois Badel, secured 80 World Ranking Points with its result, surpassing Belgian rider Jerome Guery with his 11-year-old stallion Garfield from Tiji des Templiers (Quasimodo Z x Goldspring de Lauzelle) owned by J.Claude Benali, in a time of 29.78 seconds.

The Top five finishers were Olympic gold medalist Steve Guerdat of Switzerland, showing his 11-year-old mare Bianca (Balou du Rouet x Cardento) in 30.13 seconds, fourth place world number 2 Lorenzo de Luca of Italy in 30.23 seconds with the 10-year-old stallion Halifax van het Kluizebos (Heartbreaker x Fetiche Du Pas) and fifth place for Belgian Nicola Philippaerts next to the 11-year-old stallion Aikido Z (Accardi x Corrado I) in 30.77 seconds.

The best seed and world number 1 Kent Farrington of the United States, completed his presentation in 8 fouls and 30.79 seconds with the 11-year-old gelding Sherkan d’Amaury (Kannan x Quick Star), being ranked 29th.

For Latino Ranking Brazilian rider Luis Felipe de Azevedo Filho stood out with his 11-year-old stallion Chacito (Chacco-Blue x Daimler) occupying the 11th place, after completing the two phases in 1 foul and 36.17 seconds. Colombian rider Carlos Lopez did not achieve the same effectiveness with the 9-year-old mare Ulhane de Conde (Jarnac x ​​Corland), remaining out of the points by totaling 9 fouls in 31.49 seconds to finish in 37th place.


Final Results