Romain Duguet sentenced last the Gönnerclub CSI St. Moritz.

Romain Duguet of Switzerland liquidated the competition as last in the order, reducing in more of 2 seconds the time of Felix Hassman. (Photo © Longines CSI St. Moritz)


With great emotion the Swiss Romain Duguet in front his public sentenced the Gönnerclub CSI St. Moritz, obtaining the best time like last in the order.

The class evaluated by Table C and on course designed by Guido Balsiger, left the scene served for the home rider Romain Duguet to snatch the victory to German Felix Hassman, completing in an unbeatable 58.10 seconds the seep round with his 10-year-old mare Tipsy Girl Loisel (Diamant de Semilly x Palestro II) owned by Madame Francoise Donze.

Precisely yesterday’s winner Felix Hassman was in second place with the 12-year-old gelding SL Brazonado (Sl Baluarte x Silvestre) with a time of 60.87 seconds, time with which he dominated for a long time the competition until the departure of Romain Duguet.

Completed the Top five Belgium rider Wilm Vermeir in third place with the 10-year-old mare Hacienda d’Evergem (Contact van de Heffinck x Sheyenne de Baugy) and his time of 63.11 seconds while the Swiss Niklaus Rutschi and Werner Muff Ordered take the fourth and fifth place with time of 63.16 seconds for Rutschi with the 10-year-old mare Pipilotta (Orlando x Gonzo I), but in case of Werner Muff stopped the clock in 60.86 seconds plus a downing pole with the 8-year-old gelding Escoffier (Lord Z x Number One) to totaling 64.86 seconds.

For Pan American Ranking and Latino Ranking, Paris Sellon from the United States took the 20th position alongside 10-year-old gelding Quantas 15 (Quintero x Laurin) in 80.43 seconds and Mexican rider Gerardo Pasquel Mendez with the 9-year-old gelding Alamo (Ukato x Ecuador) were eliminated.


Final Results