Samuel Parot flies at $35,000 Hollow Creek Farm CSI 3* Speed Cup.

The Chilean Latino Ranking’s leader Samuel Parot flew at Split Rock Farm CSI3* to take first week victory, with a final result of Olympic riders. (Photo © Taylor Pence Photography)


The first class of the CSI 3* Split Rock Jumping Tour at Lexington, KY was won by fast-moving Chilean rider Samuel Parot during the $35,000 Hollow Creek Farm CSI 3* Speed Cup, which earned him $11,500 plus 50 World Ranking points with its grater advantage by 2 seconds.

Featuring 14-year-old gelding Atlantis (Andiamo x Royal Bravour L), Samuel Parot, Latino Ranking leader, completed his very fast round in a course designed by Brazilian Guilherme Jorge in time of 66.21 seconds, surpassing a group of 42 registered pairs, was a true Olympic figures end.

The second position was French Olympic rider Eric Navet accompanied by 11-year-old gelding Basimodo (Quasimodo Z x Codexco) in time of 68.93 seconds, while the American Olympic rider Margie Engle took third place with 17-year-old stallion Bockmanns Lazio (Lancer II x Cor de La Bryere) in 69.29 seconds.

The Latino Ranking delegation was wide and outstanding today, following the formidable performance of Samuel Parto were Roberto Terán of Colombia occupying the fifth place with 12-year-old gelding Brilliant du Rouet (Balou du Rouet x Caretani Z) in 71.43 seconds. Also added World Ranking points Colombian Juan Manuel Gallego in eighth position with 11-year-old gelding Coulash van der Broy Z (Cadence VT Gelutt x Lys Of Darmen), Ignacio Maurin of Argentina next to 10-year-old gelding Copa Cabana (Cartano x Cash) was in tenth place with 1 foul in 81.88 seconds, Eugenio Garza of Mexico in 12th place with 13-year-old gelding Empire van Wuitenshof (Malito de Reve x Alme) and his fellowman Santiago Lambre, who has completed two formidable weeks at Kentucky Horse Show, finished in 14th and 16th places with 9-year-old mare Doloris (Harley VDL x Colorado D) than best places.

Out of the points were Freddie Vazquez of Puerto Rico in 17th place with 4 fouls, Luis Pedro Biraben of Argentina in box 21st also with 4 fouls, Daniela Stransky of Venezuela with 5 fouls in 24th place, his compatriot Alejandro Karolyi 30th with 8 fouls, Stefano Baruzzo of Argentina with 9 fouls in 31st position, Juan Ortiz of Venezuela in 37th place with accumulated of 16 fouls and Hector Florentino from Dominican Republic occupying the 39th place with 18 fouls.


Final Results