Samuel Parot repeats in Wellington and takes the $25,000 Omega Alpha Grand Prix.

Rounding out an excellent week the Chilean rider added his second victory at the Holiday & Horses CSI 4*, to conclude the Latin delegation in the Grand Prix with Eduardo Menezes of Brazil second and Alvaro Tejada from Guatemala third. (Photo © ManciniPhotos)


The Chilean Samuel Parot number 2 of the Latin Ranking, completed an excellent week at the Holiday & Horses CSI 4* by adding his second victory, winning the $25,000 Omega Alpha Grand Prix.

Parot led the group that started with 42 pairs in the regular rounds and 7 pass for the tiebreaker, achieving an unbeatable time of 40.04 seconds with 14-year-old gelding Couscous van Orti (Nabab de Reve X Cash) owned by the chilean. Continuing his startegy jump-to-jump, the representative of Chile saw to bear the fruits in the victory of the Grand Prix, as it obtained it the last Friday in the $35,000 1.45m Dever Classic.

With only two clear rounds for the jump-off, the second position was the Brazilian Eduardo Menezes with 9-year-old mare Chacgrano (Chacco-Blue x Grannus) owned by Digital Sanatlar GmbH in time of 42.23 seconds. The good Latin performance continued in the third place, being for the region a one-two-three with the Guatemalan Alvaro Tejada seizing the position in the company of the 14-year-old mare Voltaral Palo Blanco (Voltaire x Contender), being his time the second of the tiebreaker in 41.05 seconds, but knocked down a pole that left him with no chance against Menezes.

The fourth and fifth place would end up in the power of the American riders Heather Caristo Williams and Taylor Land in courts of 4 faults each in the jump-off.


Final Results