Simone Blum repeated in the European Championship.

The German rider Simone Blum repeats for the second day in a row at the FEI event of the European Championship. (Photo © Archive)


German rider Simone Blum added his second victory in a row, dominating the jump-off round and overcoming Russian Vladimir Tuganov.

Continuing her good time in Sweden, Simone Blum along with the 10-year-old mare DSP Alice (Askari x Landrebell) completed their course in 35.63 seconds for a jump-off round with 9 ranked riders.

With the result Simone Blum secured 50 World Ranking Points in a class that distributed €55,000 among the top 12 finishers and outnumbered the Russian rider Vladimir Tuganov, who appeared with the 11-year-old stallion Suspens Floreval (Clinton) to register 36.39 seconds.

They followed the final order to complete the top five class with Danielle Goldstein of Israel in third place alongside 12-year-old gelding Caspar 213 (Cornet Obolensky x Acord II) in time of 36.77 seconds, fourth place was Finnish Juulia Jylas accompanied by the 9-year-old mare Courage T Z (Calvino Z x Espri) in 39.30 seconds and fifth place for Helena Persson of Sweden with a time of 39.37 seconds along with the 17-year-old gelding Bonsai H (Baloubet du Rouet x Caletto II).

The FEI event included the best seedings of the class with world number 9 Spanish Sergio Álvarez Moya finishing in 25th place, world number 13 Alberto Zorzi of Italy in 21st place, world number 16 Harrie Smolders of the Netherlands in 19th and world number 20 Marcus Ehning of Germany, the best placed in seventh place.


Final Results