St Tropez Pirates goes on to lead the Global Champions League.

The pair of Simon Delestre and Jerome Guery members of the St Tropez Pirates totaled 8 fouls in Paris, to now command the GCL classification. (Photo © Stefano Grasso)


Interesting changes came in the eighth leg of the Longines Global Champions Tour and the realization of the two competitions for the Global Champions League, where concluded the week, there is new leader with St Tropez Pirates.

After almost dominating to the date by Valkenswaard United, the members of St Tropez Pirates, Simon Delestre of France and Jerome Guery of Belgium, gave a turn to the results when they culminated with 8 faults, to now totaling 152 points that raise them to the first place.

Making a first perfect competition on part of Simon Delestre with Chesall Zimequest (Casall x Concerto 4) and Jerome Guery with Grand Cru van de Rozenberg (Malito de Reve x Heartbreaker), the second competition gave the definitive figures with the very outstanding performance of the Frenchman, now accompanied by Hermes Ryan (Hugo Germeray x Ryon D’anzex) recording a time of 78.31 seconds, which would give them as grand total 8 fouls in 162.75 seconds.

So important was the result of Delestre, which allowed to overcome the Team Hamburg Diamonds, completing the week in 9 faults and 164.10 seconds with the performances of Audrey Coulter of the United States and Harrie Smolders of the Netherlands.

The third place was for the Team Chantilly Pegasus with the participation of the American rider Lauren Hough and the Spanish rider Sergio Alvarez Moya totaling 13 fouls, fourth place for Mexico Amigos with 14 fouls and fifth the Cascais Charms with 16 fouls.

Now the overall standing suffered several changes, but the most important was the presents of new leader by Team St Tropez Pirates accumulating 152 points, second Hamburg Diamonds with 150 points, third Valkenswaard United with 149 points, being at the moment the stronger fights and for fourth and fifth place are Mexico Amigos with 126 points and London Knights with 124 points.


Final Results

Overall Standing