Switzerland wins the CSI3* Nations Cup of Rabat.

Switzerland won the €40,000 Nations Cup of CSI3* -W Rabat in Morocco with performances by Nadja Peter Steiner, Alain Jufer, Aurelia Loser and Pius Schwizer (Photo © Marocco Royal Tour)


Team Switzerland won the €40,000 CSI3* -W Rabat MJS Nations Cup in Morocco, completing a perfect second round.

Rounding out their performance in 8 fouls, Switzerland clearly dominated the Morocco Royal Tour Nations Cup, led by Nadja Peter Steiner’s brand new performance alongside 11-year-old mare Saura de Fondcombe (Balou du Rouet x Paladin des Ifs), completing her double clear round.

The first round for Switzerland was a bit more complicated with a total of 8 fouls, then clear for Nadja Peter Steiner, 4-foul round for Alain Jufer with the 9-year-old gelding Rahmannshof Tic Tac (Contact van de Heffinck x Fire du Prelet ), Aurelia Loser with the 13-year-old gelding Quelmec du Gery (Pamphile x Jasper) and 4 fouls, but his result was eliminated by Pius Schwizer with the 10-year-old gelding Balou Rubin R (Balou du Rouet x Couleur-Rubin).

Although France entered as a favorite for the second round completing a perfect first round, they could not avoid the debacle by wasting the second and final double clear round of the afternoon with Julia Dellamano and Hoepala vh Daalhof.

It was like Switzerland in a perfect second round of Nadja Peter Steiner, Aurelia Loser and the great Swiss figure Pius Schwizer, secured the victory for they country, sending France direct to second place totaling 12 fouls.

They followed in the final order by Italy in third place with 24 fouls, Belgium fourth with 36 fouls, Syria accumulated 44 fouls in fifth place while Egypt was sixth with 47 fouls.

For seventh and eighth place were Kingdom of Saudi Arabia totaling 54 fouls and local nation Morocco with 59 fouls.


Final Results