The Mexican Rider Michan Halbinger wins the first trial of the year’s Saut Hermès at Grand Palais.

The Grand Palais opened its doors at 12:30 this Friday morning, and the house was full even before the start of the first trial. The opening event was the Prix du Grand Palais, a 1.45m trial that was won by the Mexican rider Alberto Michan Halbinger, ahead of the Bertram Allen from Ireland. The French rider Pénélope Leprévost took third place on the podium.

This Friday lunchtime, the spring sun lit up the glass nave of the Grand Palais for the star of the 6th Saut Hermès. The competition is open to the world’s top riders, bringing the very best in equestrian sport into the very heart of the French capital. Today, only six couples rode clear rounds on the course designed by Franck Rothenberger. The first to find the key was the French rider Kevin Staut on Reveur de Hurtebise*HDC, although he could only enjoy his pole position for a brief moment, since the Portuguese rider Luciana Diniz on Sakann quickly eclipsed his time. The lead soon changed hands again when the young Irish rider Beltram Allen, the world number 10, took very risk possible with Quiet Easy 4. However, the Saut Hermès al the Grand Palais threw up its first surprise with the final victory going to Alberto Michan Halbinger riding Camillo LS La Silla.


Final Result