United States regains the Hollow Creek Farm FEI Junior Nations Cup in Wellington.

US again takes the victory by beating the delegations of Brazil and Ireland with a comfortable lead to total only 3 fouls in a Cup consisted of 8 nations. (Photo Hector Garrido / CHE)


No complications, except the time allowed for the course in the International Ring, the team US won a new victory in the Hollow Creek Farm FEI Junior Nations Cup held in the framework of the Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, beating nourished group composed of Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Ecuador, Ireland and Mexico.

Integrated the hosts by young Amazons, the first round would end up accumulating 2 fouls, after Emily Moffitt of 17 and Kira Kerkorian also 17 years old will mark a perfect round, only altered by time and exceed both being penalized with one foul. Meanwhile Emma Heise of 16 years old would be eliminated and Brett Burlington of 17 was responsible for adjusting the time in their court and mark the first clear round of the winners.

And the second return time factor was controlled by the two first participants, although Moffitt toppling an obstacle and its result removed, followed by clear round of Kerkorian and retaliation of the eliminated in the first pass to Heise with the second clear. Needing a good result entered Brett Burlington to ensure victory for local and being more careful in its path, exceeded the court time to be penalized with one foul in her perfect pitch and ultimately finish the second round with 1 Fouls for great global of 3, whereby hang the gold medal.

The second place went to Brazil, always a tough opponent in this category since the creation of the Nations Cup for Junior in Wellington with outstanding performance in the first round to Peter Grandi and Victoria Junqueira in rounds of 1 foul each to excel in the second round Federico Morais Menezes with the only clear round of the South American delegation, which accumulated in the first round 4 fouls and the second 9, totaling 13 fouls and the silver medal.

The third position is held by Ireland in rounds of 9 faults the first pass and 8 in the second, accumulating 17 faults with its main figure in Jack Ryan with two good runs of 1 foul first and clear round in the second round, represented the only clear of his delegation who completed Phillip Carey, Jennifer Kuehnle and Conor McMahon.

Another strong in the Junior category in previous editions was the Mexican delegation, who this time had to settle for fourth place, totaling 26 fouls (12/14), and its best rider Carlo Hank Guerreiro with 1 foul and clear round. Ecuador followed in fifth place with 30 faults, Canada sixth with 41 faults, while Colombia and Argentina were eliminated.


Final Results $2,500 Hollow Creek Farm FEI Junior Nations Cup