United States retaliates to win the Hollow Creek Farm FEI Young Rider Nations Cup.

Being strong from beginning to end the United States of America with 1 Foul accumulated beat the teams from Brazil and Ireland. Mexico ended fourth. (Photo © Hector Garrido / CHE)


With a solid display by the delegation of the United States of America in the Hollow Creek Farm FEI Young Rider Nations Cup, got the victory by accumulating just 1 foul an integrated single women team, beating this time to the selection Brazil who totaled 13 fouls and Ireland was third with a total of 15 fouls.

Only four teams were measured in this new edition of the Nations Cup held in Wellington in a complicated category, as many competitors make life very high levels of competition and even several of the names reflected in the different routes, would be without doubt the emerging talent of world equestrian show jumping.

This time was winning home team with a first round of Kelli Cruciotti exceeding the agreed time for one missing, clear round to Alexandra Crown, 4 fouls from Madison Goetzmann being eliminated result and clear round for Victoria Colvin, to take a slight lead over Brazil who scored 4 fouls in the first round thanks to two clear of Anna Victoria de Lorenzi Campelo and Joao Victor Castro, and 4 fouls of Giulia del Canton Scampini. Ireland meanwhile accumulated nine fouls in the first round, with highlighting round of 1 foul of Cormac Hanley and Mexico with 12 fouls wastes clear round from Fernanda Rodriguez.

Turning to the decisive stage the winners had no need to employ his fourth in the order, as Colvin merely to observe the three clear rounds of her classmates Kelli Cruciotti, the second of the night to Alexandra Crown and Madison Goetzmann, for a grand total of 1 foul.

The large advantage of winning team never was in dangerous by a delegation of Brazil added 9 faults in the second round, with best rider Joao Victor Castro with his double clear, for a grand total of 13 fouls. The Irish it was threatening the silver medal with the second run of 6 fouls, but over time penalized Barry Hanley were not enough althought Paraic Kenny ended whit clear round, the result of 15 faults in the global to the european.

Finally Mexico this time completed its presentation in the Nations Cup with 18 fouls, greatly improving on his second round with 5 fouls by Greta Matienzo, a clear round from Simon Salame and Fernanda Rodriguez with 1 foul, the best by the Mexican.


Final Results $5,000 Hollow Creek Farm FEI Young Rider Nations Cup