Valkenswaard United are entrenched at the top of the Global Champion League.

The Valkenswaard United clinched the GCL lead after dominating the sixth leg of the Tour in a class that happened everything. (Photo © Stefano Grasso)


Filled with great emotions, complications and drama, was completed the second round of the team’s class of the Global Champions League in Cannes, as part of the sixth leg of the Tour and victory for the leader Valkenswaard United.

With several last-minute changes in several riders from the various teams, which included eliminations, the Valkenswaard United managed to get the best result with Alberto Zorzi from Italy and especially from the German rider Marcus Ehning, to complete the week in 10 faults and take them the first place, totaling now 123 points in the top of the Ranking.

For the second place, the Shanghai Swans finished with 16 fouls, highlighting in today’s class Roger Yves Bost “Bosty”, who also got a good performance in the first competition, taking the leading role for his team, which accumulated a time of 147.32 seconds.

The Frenchman contributed with his time allowed to take advantage of the Hamburg Diamonds, finishing with the same 16 fouls, but his overall time was 149.58 seconds with performances by Jos Verlooy of Belgium and Audrey Coulter of United States.

The overall Ranking that continues to hold leaders Valkenswaard United with 123 points is followed by the Hamburg Diamonds accumulating 119 points and third by St. Tropez Pirates with 103 points.


Final Results