William Whitaker and Fandango right foot on the Sunshine Tour.

The British duo won the first FEI class of the fifth week in the CSI 3* Sunshine Tour in Spain beating Richard Howley of Ireland and Rutherford Latham of Spain. Pedro Veniss and Felipe Amaral performances. (Photo © SunshineTour)


Again a representative of the Whitaker family of Britain is present at the top of the podium with another victory in the CSI 3* Sunshine Tour, to achieve overcome a group of 70 competitors in the first FEI class of the fifth week.

The height of 1.50m and with a jump-off final outcome, William Whitaker in company  of 13-year-old gelding Fandango (Last Liberty 988 x Krocket 651) taught the way to setting a time of 37.16 seconds in a tiebreak of 13 classified, the difference between Richard Howley of Ireland and Whitaker was 1.34 seconds, which creditor of 6,150 Euros and 50 FEI ranking points to took victory. The second time was 38.50 seconds with Chinook (Tygo x Wellington), while third place was the Spanish Rutherford Latham and Ramses D Auge (Hello Pierville) in time of 39.45 seconds.

Latin and Pan American delegation was represented by three Brazilian and an American rider, Felipe Amaral being the best placed in 13th in the FEI points closing the jump-off with 18 fouls. Pedro Veniss followed in 16th place with one time foul in the regular round, while the Amazon Gabriela Merchad 9 fouls in 40th place and Luiz Francisco de Azevedo with 12 fouls in the 47th.


Final Results